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July–September Karate Unit

Kata Perfection

To raise our standards and reward our students who seek perfection, we introduce to you STARS or “Stepping with the Stars,” “Punching with the Stars,” “Karate with the Stars”…okay, we’ll just stick with STARS!

Over the next three months (July, August, September), we will reward performance quality katas with a star that you (or your parents) will attach to the left lapel of your gi. There will also be a sticker to place on the wall chart at the dojo entrance.

There are three phases of kata development:

  1. Knowledge – knowing the steps to the kata
  2. Flow- doing the kata without pauses
  3. Performance – no mistakes, proper techniques, and high energy entertainment for the student and the observer

Here is the list of katas and the more difficult sets we will focus on and their star reward:

  • White – Star Set
  • Gold – Self Defense Blocking and Striking Sets
  • Orange – Taikyoku Shodan
  • Green – Zanzi
  • Purple – Kanzi
  • Blue – SD 1
  • Red – SD2
  • Silver – Dehan
  • White – 6 Mini Sets
  • Brown – Competition Form
  • Black – Black Belt Creative Kata

Watch for special events and classes where you may earn these rewards.

A kata tournament (belt advancement tentatively scheduled for October 2nd) will be held this fall as part of the advancement process.

Black Belt Rewards

Black Belts will also be earning their own rewards in the form of a chevron.

White Chevron

One year of activity and a performance quality advanced kata. These could include the required katas such as Wushu Ti, Tiger Form, Basadai, etc. It also includes made up forms for black belt advancements – including weapons forms (creative and traditional).

Gold Chevron

Five years of training or ten chevrons. A kata may be asked for – including weapons and/or creative katas.

Red Chevron

Ten years of training.


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