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Tiger Tots & Lil’ Dragons

Ancient stories tell of the mighty tiger and the dragon working together to keep the country safe. At Bushi Kai Utah we let our little warriors choose their team; Team Tiger or Team Dragon, no matter which way they go you can be certain that they are having one of the most empowering, confidence building, fun and safe programs available anywhere in the world! Our Tiger Tot and Lil’ Dragon teachers have been specially trained to make certain that your children have a wonderful martial arts experience.

    • Course curriculum focuses on:
    • Movement
    • Concentration
    • Listening/Communication Skills
    • Coordination
    • Self Confidence
    • Fun
    • Threat Recognition and Escape

Classes are typically 30 minutes of fun movement and training followed by a fifteen minute question and answer period where important stories, lessons, and duties of a martial artist are discussed. We have found that this fifteen minute “cool down & respect” period helps parents avoid the “hi ya” syndrome that so often accompanies youthful martial artist when they are excited and anxious to show off their new found skills. It has also proven to be a favorite of other siblings who may not take the martial arts! The best part about the Tiger Tots and Lil’ Dragons program is the esteem, self-confidence, smiles, and safe habits that students learn in a fun and energetic way.

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